The existing political parties are the root cause of what is wrong with democracy today. They were all founded in the 20th century and do not appear to have evolved. If we are to adapt to the world of the future, we are convinced that there must be political renewal in Europe.

Now more than ever, we need a strong State that protects the general interest on a national scale, but more importantly on a European scale. To restore a climate of trust, fight the great inequalities in Europe and the World, go to war to save the planet, fight the great fight for women’s rights, stand against private interest lobbies, help new businesses to emerge, and so much more... We no longer believe that the current parties can achieve this, having failed over the last 20 years to create a clear Europe for its citizens that is economically efficient and socially fair. We are building a new party that incorporates all levels of European society, particularly young people who no longer want to be left on the sidelines. The time has come to trust the young generation, to listen to them, to support them, and to ask them to help design the World of the future...

Our political party, Start, must be as straightforward as possible, and more in touch with and more attentive to their citizens:

For the first time since Europe was created, there is a will to create a European party from its beginnings. A profoundly European party, that respects Nations and their citizens. A single party in Europe for a united Europe.

Because this party does not exist, we have decided to create it, in every European country.

We operate like political start-up, using crowd-sourcing and crowd-funding, and with a very lightweight structure, that calls on experts on every subject, with no need for political professionals.

We are often asked: why not create a think tank instead of a party?

Political parties despise think tanks. The existing parties are excellent proponents of the idea that “promises only bind those who believe in them”. Nicolas Hulot, world renowned environmental expert, also likened to David Attenborough and Bear Grylls in the UK, is having no success in making environmental changes in France! The existing parties are excellent proponents of the idea that “promises only bind those who believe in them”. The UK and Europe are bursting with think tanks whose parties committees and reports are ignored by the political parties. As things stand, if you want to make no difference (or very little), then set up a think tank. We prefer action. This is why we have created a new political party.

And we are also sometimes asked: rather than starting something new, why not join an existing party and change it from the inside?

If you think the parties can be changed from the inside, you are an innocent. Or very naive. The political parties and many politicians are aware of the solutions. Let’s not underestimate them. But they come from a closed environment where you need backing to progress. In these conditions, it’s not easy to change the structure that enabled you to reach certain positions. The parties operate in a vacuum. The same faces for the last 30 years. And still the same mess. With ever fewer sympathisers, voters and voices, particularly on European issues. To bring our way of doing politics up to date, we need a structure that can unveil and sustain new and different ideas. A new party is essential.

People who say it cannot be done should not interrupt those who are doing it

Anonymous (who could be a member of START)